One Week: Day Four

Good news first: first fartlek of the year is in the books…YAAY!

A fartlek, for me is pace training. I picked it up from my six-month marathon training program when I was training for my first marathon in 2014. Basically, it’s a five minute warm-up jog, followed by four minutes of running at 70% of your normal running  speed, then a minute jog. After 30-45 minutes of this, it’s a five minute cool-down. I did the half hour fartlek today.

I also started planning for my long runs for the rest of this month and my half-and-full marathon schedule for later into the summer. My goal is to run a half marathon and a full marathon in August, September and October. October is when I want to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half before I taper for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Finding half and fulls is going to be more of a challenge than I thought; I normally like to keep the travel within Maryland. My plans usually involve driving up to the event on Saturday afternoon, running on Sunday, then driving back on Monday morning. Unfortunately there’s some slim pickings this year for long distance races in Maryland, so I might have to branch out to Virginia or DC. Bit of a matter of logistics and money for me.

Bad news: I broke my diet. It was a previously planned event, though: our workplace hosted a potluck. Yours truly bought four bottles of soda (SACRILEGE!!!) and two more liters of sweet and unsweet iced tea, plus two packages of King’s Hawaiian hamburger buns. I also brought a hotplate and a skillet to toast the buns for the pulled pork that one of my supervisors brought for the lunch.

Sooo…it was pulled pork, and Popeye’s Chicken…and four different kinds of salad…and Fillipino dishes of pancit and lumpia…and a gorgeous white cake from Wlildewoode bakery that I was just not gonna pass up.

I spent the afternoon drinking as much water as I could (including one last 8 oz. in a 12 oz. cup of coffee).

Oh, by the way: I took home a plate from the potluck…to include one last piece of that cake.

Last bit of bad news: WordPress is charging $99/year for me to upgrade my current blog package, to include the privilege of posting videos. I will have to think about this and see where I can squeeze it into my budget. I kind of miss posting videos of songs that I like; it gives the blog a little bit more of my personality.

Dinner calls (gotta get that ‘protein!’). More tomorrow.

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