One Week: Day One

Oh, look…I’m doing this blogging thing again.

Long story short, this year I am running my third straight Marine Corps Marathon. After completing last year’s MCM fifteen minutes faster and twenty pounds lighter than last year, I am back in training.

I started in early March with a “ceremonial” run of the Marine Physical Fitness Test Course on Naval Air Station Patuxent River. Every Sunday I do a “long run”, starting with three miles on the first week of march, then adding a mile every week.

March and April were supposed to be my “conditioning months” to get me back into the swing of things. I’ve been hitting most of my runs; it’s the trips to the gym that I have been stumbling with. Part of it is the fact that because of my prolonged layoff, I have not been able to lift as much weight as I used to. Part of it is my scheduling, and part of it is because I have become lazy.

Last week, I did my 10 mile Patuxent River Loop on Monday afternoon. I ran it after work on a light diet and I did pretty good. Last October, I ran it in 2:25; on Monday I ran it in 2:10.

Unfortunately, because I copped out about the weather and I had other things going on, I couldn’t make my schedule. This week, I am re-dedicating myself to serious training.


  1. 4 mi. runs on M/W/F. (timed runs W and F)
  2. Half hour circuit course at World Gym T/Th/Sa. (1/2 hr. fartlek on Thursday)
  3. 12 mi. St. Mary’s City Run on Sunday
  4. Breakfast: 2 bowls Special K w/Strawberries
  5. Lunch/Dinner: Healthy Choice Meals
  6. NO SOFT DRINKS! Water, coffee, juice.
  8. Fruit before every meal.
  9. Blog after every training period.
  10. Goal: 12 1/2 min. pace on Sunday

The reward for meeting or beating the 12 1/2 minute pace is Sunday dinner at Red Lobster in Waldorf, MD.

Today I ran my Highway 5 4 miler. I started at the back gate of Abberly Crest Apartments (where I live), ran to the intersection of Willow Rd. and Highway MD 5, then back up Willow Rd past both roads into Abberly, down to the end of the Extra Space Storage property, then back up the hill that leads to the main road into the apartment complex. I didn’t time it, or even stretch today, I just went and did it to shake the rust off.

After two light meals, I went out and measured the run to St. Mary’s City. The last two Saturdays before Thanksgiving, I ran the St. Mary’s City Turkey Day Predictor. That race is where you try to beat the time you think you’ll get. The drive to The Historic St. Mary’s City Visitor’s Center (where the race is held) was short enough that last year I decided to add the drive to StMC as a running course. I added the twelve mile run to the Visitor’s Center entrance sign, and added the three mile Turkey Trot course as an extension for a fifteen miler.

Last year, on every run over half-marathon distance, I laid out little 12 oz water bottles mixed with Mio water at every four miles on the course. I also carried a couple of water bottles (plus Gu energy food packs) during a longer run last year. Run or carry? That will be a Saturday decision.

This is the part where I embed some videos; unfortunately, WordPress (my gracious blog host) requires that I must now be a paid subscriber to post videos; I can’t just cut and paste from YouTube anymore. Dammit.

G’nite folks!



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