Pax River Reverse Plus 2

Today was the first time I ran the NAS Patuxent River 10 mile course in reverse. because my training schedule called for a twelve mile run, I ran through the start finish and back to the 1- mile marker and then returned home.

The run had an auspicious start, though. Just after I started, my inner tech shirt started rolling up on me. I had to slow down to adjust it, and my pedometer/timer dropped out of my waistband in the process. After tucking in both my shirts and putting my pedometer inside my left shoe, I resumed running.

After raining most of yesterday, it was nice to see the sun out this morning. As I came upon the two mile mark near Test Pilot School, I caught the wind in my face coming off the nearby river. The wind would be in my face for almost half the run, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Running the course in reverse, I did notice the usual reverses in elevation, such as around the Test Pilot School (going up instead of down) and the curve going in to the back stretch of Cedar Point Road (also going up). The bas is marked in reverse for the first three miles (Beach House Run course), but I just marked off the 6 mile point (4 miles back to base) as my first four mile split. The two mile marker (coming out from Drill Hall) would be my eight mile split.

I will have to figure this out later, but these were my split times:

4 mi: 0’54″10
8 mi: 1’49″12
End: 2’47″34

Probably because of the miscue at the start, my pedometer had read 10.90 miles. Or maybe I was going faster than expected?

So, the rest of the day is epsom salt bath, then breakfast, then a nap, then pull out the grill for a nice ribeye with a baked potato and con on the cob (grilling both veggies, if I can figure out how).

From the CD player on the ride back, it’s video time!

Lyrics video!

Type O Negative: best cover band ever:

…aaand a Matt and Kim remix for the dismount:

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