Gym Day and the Pasta Question

In between my gym days (the second of which was today), I ran the Willow-HWY 4 4-miler yesterday. After the run, I decided to go to Facebook and ask the members of the Marine Corps 10K and Marathon Club a burning philosophical question: Is cargo-loading with pasta the night before truly helpful, or is it a myth?” The completely unscientific results of my study:

Okay (no real preference): 1
Two nights before: 4
It’s a myth: 4
More than two nights before: 5
STEAK NIGHT (steak dinner): 3
Special pasta: 1
Other ideas: 10
Night before: 1

Most interesting comments:

“I always make quinoa pasta with homemade marinara and sausage. I try and limit my empty carbs, and the quinoa pasta is loaded with protein. I always crave steak and eggs after a race so I try and pack as much protein in as possible.”

“The last meal that impacts your race is breakfast the day before the race, which should primarily be protein and carbs, nothing greasy. I sometimes still eat pasta the night before because I know it won’t upset my stomach, but I don’t go overboard and I know it won’t make or break my race.”

“I like to eat tapas the night before the MCM. At Jaleo, not pasta. So I can keep it light.”

“I eat my pasta meal two nights before long run or race. I feel bloated if I eat the night before. Usually eat light the day before and a very early light breakfast morning of a race.”

“Myth..processed carbs do not convert to a glycogen storage that will allow you to fuel 26.2… your body will convert and store it as fat before it will store as glycogen. Better off doing a whole grain rice, potato or quinoa bc non processed and body will break down slowly and store away as glycogen”

“Burger beer and fries for this girl the night before!!!!”

“I carb load starting 72 hours before a race and ending no later than noon the day prior to a race. I don’t want my stomach full of pasta the night before a race and have to worry about it leaving my system prior to the start. I keep things light the evening before. My understanding is that glycogen stores will be fully topped up using this approach.”

“Steak, potato and yeast rolls the night before have always worked good for me!!”

For the record, I took the “two nights before” approach and got a Pasta Breadbowl with marinara sauce, pepperoni, black olives, and shredded provolone cheese from Domino’s. So much for following dietary advice.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run the Pax River Reverse 10 + 2 (full base 10 mile course, in reverse, plus a one mile-loop to finish with a full[sic] twelve miles). I’m going to get two bowls of instant Velveeta mixed with tuna, and down it with a bunch of water tonight, then see what happens. I will also pray for a dry early morning, as it has been raining off and on since Friday night.

Oh, and I found my pedometer.

Video time! Let’s start off with some Aerosmith (with special guest Jimmy Page!):

The adventures of The Mighty Thor; so awesome it needed TWO bands to pay tribute:

…and for everybody celebrating “gay marriage legal YAAAY!”

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