First Fartlek of the Year!

After finishing my Circuit I workout at World Gym this morning (about 10 minutes late because of putting away my weights and longer reps for each event) I ran my fartlek this morning.

The fartlek is an interval-ype training where you run for a certain amount of time, then jog for a shorter period, then repeat. A typical fartlek workout for me is five minute warm-up jog, then thirty to forty-five minutes worth of four minutes at running at 70-80% speed followed by a one minute jog, then a five minute cool down. Today I did a thirty minute session (5 min. warm up, [4 -run, 1 jog] x6, 5 min power walk back to the car.

I do my fartlek workouts in the parking lot of St Mary’s Plaza, where World Gym is located. The parking lot is not a perfect track oval, but it is rounded out enough where I can use four trees at each corner of the lot to establish “split points” where I can check my time.

Fartlek training is designed to help runner develop a rhythm for long-range runs. You maintain a steady pace for a period of time, then you take little one minute breaks. I was running the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon last year, and I saw a couple use this to great effect. I was always catching up to them just before they started their countdown to resume running. They finished ahead of me, so I guess it does work.

This was my first fartlek of the year. To show you how far behind I am, I should be running forty-five minute sessions by now.


Okay, video time. The wife of a friend of mine posted two funny videos on Facebook a couple of days ago. Mostly for relieving stress at work.

You know somebody at work needs one:

If you gotta go…:

I haven’t gone to the gym with my iPod in a couple of years. Sometimes the gym plays decent songs, and I pick up stuff like this:

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