Pax River TPS 5 Mi: The Boy Caught a Break

I do not favor running in the afternoons. Summer has just started here in Lexington Park, MD (where I live), and it has been a humid low-to-mid 90s the last two weeks. The weather does not encourage late afternoon running, even with being used to the area and drinking a gallon of water. There is also the question of dealing with rush hour traffic at Naval Air Station Patuxent River.Lastly, there’s also the question of food. The breakfast and lunch that I eat should be fuel, not a burden to carry.

That being said, today I caught something of a break as I ran the Test Pilot School (TPS) Runway 5 miler. It starts at the Drill Hall Gym facility, then runs down Cedar Creek Road to the actual TPS facility and runway. Just past the runway is the two mile mark, then it’s a climbing S curve and another half mile to a T in the road, then back.

The weather was much better than I anticipated; it had been partly cloudy as I headed towards Pax River, and the sun was just beginning to peek out. As I started the run just after 4:00, it was fairly warm with a decent breeze. Most of the traffic was outbound, on the opposite side of the road. As long as I ran with the traffic in my lane, hugged the shoulder, and paid attention to what was behind me, I would be fine.

I was just over 28 minutes as I hit the two mile mark, heading up the S curve and towards the turnaround point. That was my only problem with the run; I still haven’t found my pedometer/timer, so I had to guesstimate at where the 2.5 mile point would be. I settled for a T branch in the road, then crossed over the road and headed back towards Drill hall.

The run was generally uneventful. No bugs, no chafing, no dehydration, no urgent need to empty the bowels or bladder.I was running at my required 14 minute pace (needed to complete the Marine Corps Marathon), and I had no cramps, soreness, or other maladies. I finished the run in 1’06″34, which meant one of two things: I hit the turnaround to early, Or I was doing better than I anticipated.

Sooo…today was a day in which I caught a break. Good weather, good health and good run. I really do need to tighten up on the 0430 reveille protocols, though; I can’t afford to miss too many more gym dates, and I am behind on my running as it is.

Speaking of the gym, I did make it back to World Gym yesterday. I made it through two sets of Circuit I, but reneged on doing the full hour workout because “I wasn’t ready for the gym after my layoff” and “I had to drop off some stuff at the Toys for Tots office before I had to get ready for work.” Nice excuses, eh?

Okay it’s video time. Today’s house band is HEART. Only because I heard them on the radio on the way back from NAS.

First time I saw them on MTV; I thought the song was supposed to be a young couple’s reaction to John Lennon getting shot:

I haven’t heard this one in over 30 years (Good Lord am I getting old…):

(Obviously, he wasn’t the “Magic Man” that Nancu once sung about…)

Okay it was either Barracuda or this song for the dismount…flip a coin, and:

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