Patuxent River Loop 10: Double Digit Midget

Today was the first run of my training “regime” where I successfully ran 10 miles without stopping. I didn’t have my pedometer, but I did have a stopwatch. The time was 2″37’47.

I completely blew off the gym this week. maybe it was because of my 1/2 lb weight gain in our company’s “Biggest Loser” competition, maybe it’s because my blood sugar is still out of whack, maybe I’m not feeling the pump of going to the gym any more. Or maybe I’m just tired and not seeing the point anymore.

The weight is still a problem, and it’s not going to come off as easy anymore. I’m way behind on my training from last year, so I’m not pressed or motivated as I was last year.

Today’s run was okay. I had no swarms of insects to contend with today. The weather started out with a light drizzle, but around the four mile mark (0’54 pace) it stopped. The sun came on strong around the 7 mile mark (1’44) and it started to warm up before morning colors (0800 every day, and yes I stopped to render honors).

No insect bites to add to the tally I got from last week, no chafing, no dehydration, and I finished the run.

Another little victory.

Six months ago this week, my father passed away. For my first video in months, I offer this, one of his favorites.

Happy Father’s Day. Rest In Peace Benjamin Franklin Scott, Jr.

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