Slow and Steady Got ‘er Done

I am writing this as I cool down from my Abberly Crest to NAS Pax River Run, which I just completed five minutes ago. originally I measured it out at just five miles; my pedo says 5.68 in 1’23″53. Unfortunately, that’s about six minutes slower (and 0.28 longer) than I ran the same course last week.

I’m not really fond of running late afternoons/early evenings for a few reasons. First is the question of food and drink. If I eat too much during the day, I’m too bloated to run worth a damn; too little and I run the risk of running out of gas. Hydrating wasn’t a problem, but I forgot to take my two pieces of Jolt gum before the run. As a result, I think I ran out of gas somewhere on the return leg. Second is the question of how much light there is in the day. I had to hold of running until 7:00 p.m. because it was too hot to run right after work. I also lost an hour because I had to call the maintenance man in my apartment complex (air conditioning issues). A cloud cover helped cool down the run, but the low light conditions worried me. Friday traffic is not that light around my neighborhood, and I was wearing all black-not a good look when you want drivers to see you.

Aside from those two problems, I am much heavier than I was a year ago at this time, and had a lot fewer miles under my belt. I will be lucky if I can get any marathons under my belt before the Marine Corps Marathon in October. This week I need to get the diet (and snacking) back under control; a lighter body will be a faster one. It will have to be because I am well behind the power curve this year.

Speaking of eating, i got an idea about lunch. See every Monday, my office partner and I try to do lunch. WE usually aim for a diner, mom-and-pop greasy spoon deal. Since we’ve burned through those, we try to go a decent chain restaurant for lunch. Naval Air Station Patuxent River (where I work as a contractor) has three eating establishments, none of which I have visited in a while. So this Monday we’ll go on base for lunch.

Okay, not the greatest of thoughts when doing a training run, but when you’re overweight, it’s late in the day, and your running at a shabby pace, what are you gonna do?

The course: Starts (and finishes) at the top of a rise outside my apartment complex. Runs down about 1.5 miles on Willow Road towards Route 245, just outside of NAS Gate 2. Run 245 to the intersection of Rt 254 and Rt 235 and take a left onto RT 235. Run to the intersection outside of Gate 1, take a right. Run to the guard shack and back to the intersection. Take a left onto 235 to the 235-245 junction, take a right onto 245 to the 245-Willow/Shangri-La intersection. Tale a left and follow Willow Road back up to the hilltop.

No videos today, it’s late and I’m tired. But this helps explain why I was so late running today: I did an awareness event for this organization this morning:

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