TBT: A Look Back

This morning was a short and sweet Willow-Shangri-La 2 mi. loop, which brought an end to my six months of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I started the run off in a headwind, then got the wind on my back for the last half mile home.

I went through my blog entries to look at all my run times, mostly the ones since I started running double digit distances at Patapsco. My goal was to run the fourteen minute mile pace that the MCM requires to be able to finish the race. In the last three months of running, I’ve only had one long run that was worse than the fourteen minute pace, and that was the meat grinder trail run at Patapsco (Sunday, Bloody Sunday, indeed). The Carl Schmitt trail run, devoid of any clear direction, I ran at an 11:47 pace. The 18 mil Bike Triathlon Course I did at a 14:27 clip; two weeks later for the Pax River Grand Tour 20- miler, I ran it in 13:30. The 20 miler would have been better if not for the cramps and soreness I developed at the last mile plus heading for home.

The weather is looking good for the Sunday Marathon. I got some final pieces of advice from some friends and co-workers on my last workday before the weekend. A Navy Chief told me to start my carb-loading about two days before the race, and never try new things out on the day of the race, because your body may not be able to handle it. A retired Marine LtCol gave me these three tips:

* Make sure you get something to eat before and during the run
* Don’t worry about your pace or splits…the adrenaline will take care of it for you
* Enjoy the race as much as you can

I intend to work that last tip as much as I can on Sunday. With all that has gone on in my personal and professional life, running has been my one escape. It has been the one thing where I can clear my head and just focus on the task at hand: running. Somedays I think it is the last thing I will be able to do on this earth.

I talk to a few people who used to run a lot, but because of injuries and their bodies breaking down, they really can’t run anymore. I also see more than a few overweight folks who may need to do a LOT of walking before they can ever hope to run, and I think to myself, “I need to get back to running, and then keep running for as long as I have the body for it.”

About my weight…I didn’t go back to see where my weight was when I started, but I’m thinking I will be 240 lbs at race day. Oh well…if I get the chance to run this again next year, my goal is to be at 200 lbs on race day. That will mean I need to do a better job on my diet.

Only time for one video because I have a lot to do tonight; since I have had the pleasure of running under moonlight the last two weeks…

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