Seven and a Wake-up: Looking towards Arlington

This week will be the last real hard work for the Marine Corps Marathon. Thursday was a short afternoon session at the Abberly Crest exercise room, followed by a 30 minute fartlek. Friday morning was the Willow-HWY % four mile run. Today, I did my final make up gym session and 45 minute fartlek. Tomorrow morning will be my last “long” run before the Marathon, the Superwillow Six.

Are there other runs I could do? Maybe. I could go on base at NAS Patuxent River and run either the Beach House or Buse/Tate/Shaw 10Ks (6 mile courses), but I don’t feel like putting up with my car right now. It’s running rough and the defogger is no good. The St. Mary’s State Park run is a mile and a half over the distance, too much trail run this close to the marathon, a longer drive, and it’s really dark at 0500 in October. The Superwillow six has enough election for me to work out, enough “flat” where I can get some speed, and right outside my apartment complex so I don’t have to do any driving.

Good enough for me.

A couple of friends suggested I get some old, throwaway sweats for the run; although the race starts at 0755 Sunday morning, the sheer amount of runners (35,000!!!) means I won’t reach the actual starting line for maybe 45 minutes or more. The weather is expected to be chilly that morning, and it will be a while before you can run and get warmed up. I dug through a couple of tubs of old clothes (note to self: Goodwill run sometime next month!!!) and found an old black sweater and a really old, paint-stained pair of sweatpants. Perfect.

Tonight’s last “cargo-load” will be some sliced flank steak, Korean-BBQ style. I’ll add some seafood pasta shells with that, and wash it all down with some grape Mio water. Another exciting Saturday night.

While cleaning out some stuff, I found a couple of old Kodak disposable cameras. The both had some exposures left, but one of the cameras says “keep from heat and x-rays and develop before 02/2005.”


And on that note, I close with some videos.

You’ve seen the video and heard the song a thousand times, but do you really know the lyrics?

Same here:

…aaand Manfred Mann for the dismount because…:

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