Week 24 in Review: Under the Moonlight

Halfway down Willow Road, headed towards the junction at Highway 5, I found out that I would get one more chance at running under the light of a full moon. I was not expecting to have the full moon that accompanied me on my Friday morning, run; however, I noticed the area around me was a little brighter than normal. I took a quick look up at the southern sky…and there was a full moon, made hazy by the clouds but still shining. This run to Sheetz was going to be a good one.

It wasn’t that bad, but I finished it in 1’41”, about 4 minutes slower than last time. I felt good about the run, although my left leg felt like I had cold jello running through it. After the rough hills of Patapsco and Greenbelt, the slopes of MD-5 were no problem anymore. As I pushed through the final ¾ of a mile back to Abberly Crest Apartments, I kept pushing as if I still had a few more miles to go.

The good vibes stopped when I stepped on the scale; I had gained a pound. At this point, my hope of attending the Marine Corps Ball in my Dress Blues has been abandoned; at this point, I will be fortunate to be under 230 on the morning of the marathon. I will be faster than I was when I started back in late April, but not as light as I want to be.

I also still have that gut.

This week, I’m trading World Gym for the exercise room at Abberly Crest. That means fewer exercises and a shorter workout, so I may try to compensate with weights that are a little heavier.

It wasn’t a bad moon at all, but…y’know:

It’s John Fogarty Day here on the blog! Celebrate!

Sorry, no “Centerfield”; I have nothing for the baseball playoffs:

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