14 and a wakeup: Gym, Tan, Housecleaning

To paraphrase a line from the movie, Fight Club, “When I’d get angry or upset, I’d go home and clean my apartment.”

Sooo…after my morning circuit course and the accompanying 45 minute fartlek,then a shower, and then breakfast, and then another three hours of stalling, I cleaned out my guest bedroom/storage space and walk-in pantry this afternoon. I am borrowing a friend’s station wagon while my car is in the shop. What a godsend; saved my $40 and the rental headaches. There was enough room in his wagon for me to take two five minute runs to Extra Space Storage and back.

This week marked the end of my circuit course work at World Gym. Next week I will do shorter workouts at my apartment’s exercise room. Instead of running around the parking lot of St. Mary’s Plaza (where World Gym is located), I will run up and down the main street of my apartment complex.

On Fight Club: I read two internet articles written by women who commemorated the fifteenth anniversary of the movie’s release by trashing it. When I noted this on Facebook, I got responses from two female high school classmates, saying that they actually enjoyed the movie. So there’s that.

On the title of today’s blog entry: Its funny how the guys on “jersey Shore” would always talk about doing laundry, but the house was always a HOT MESS.

The exhortations of housecleaning have left me hungry and tired, so I will close this for today. 8 miler to Sheetz in the morning, and please God let there be a full moon and no more clouds and rain.

Lots of Type O Negative on during housecleaning:

How did I not get to this one? I discovered this on a trip to Laughlin, NV:

…and now, a word from our sponsor:

I wonder how Seals and Crofts reacted when they heard this…

…and then there’s Neil Young…

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