15 and a wake-up: Moonlight

Nothing all week, then three posts in eight hours? Really?

I have been training for the Marine Corps Marathon six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. Most of my training happens well before dawn, as I wake up at 0430 to start my training sessions (running or the gym) at 0500. When I started training back in April, i would start running around 0500, with sunrise going about 0530.

Over the last month-plus, however, it has stayed dark until well after 0600; sometimes first light isn’t until 0630. That’s why I was a little more enthused about running with a full moon this week. Even though many of my training runs have some sort of street light somewhere on the path, it does make a difference when you’re running under a full moon.

I ran my five miler on Tuesday morning, running from the NAS Pax River Gym to the VX-23 squadron runway and back. As I finished up the last half mile of the run, I was able to catch the lunar eclipse. Very nice.

Even though I only got about four hours of sleep, I was still a little stoked about running the four miler this morning, running the Willow to Shangri-La plus course. I got the full moon, but I also got a substantial cloud cover, which dimmed the moonlight a bit.

The run got done, but my left leg has been getting the watery feeling. Maybe it’s because I’m not running with a stability shoe, my left leg is carrying most of the running burden? Hmmm…

Gonna be a busy Columbus Day weekend…oh, and Ive got the Sheetz run on Sunday. Tomorrow marks my last day at World Gym for the training cycle, and I’m going to celebrate it with a 45 minute fartlek after I’m done with the gym work.

Gee, I wonder if there’s going to be a theme for the videos on this post?

No werewolves were harmed in the making of this video:

I dig Creedence Clearwater revival, but I like tis cover better than the original:

Ludwig van to shake things up a bit (abridged version)

David Bowie to finish the post and start the day:

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