22 and a wake up: The Search for Kicks and Old Pink

It seems that I will be spending a few hours tomorrow searching for running shoes; specifically New Balance 900s or 1200s stability shoes. I tried looking at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods and they only sold one type of New Balance in their entire inventory (WTF?). They did have some good ideas about personal hydration, but I decided to hang fire on the spending spree until I got the shoes.

Tomorrow will be a pretty mobile day. I plan to leave for Virginia sometime around noon so I can check into thePatent Office in Alexandria, VA to pick up my running bib for Sunday morning. When I pick up my info, I need to ask about where at National Harbor will the shuttle bus (for taking us to the race at Mt Vernon) be located. After National Harbor, a quick shopping trip to find my NBs for the race tomorrow, then to my hotel. I plan on getting some work done, then finding a closely Italian restaurant for a good pre-race carbo load.

The run starts at 0700. I will plan on a good dinner Saturday night as well as chugging water all day. Not sure about trying to eat or drink too much before the race. I am usually up and running at 0500 with whatever water I have in my system and whatever dinner I had from the night before.

I ran the Cuddihy to Tate 5 mile course at Pax River this morning; ’twas nice to have a new moon out when I was running. Tomorrow will be just a quick session on Circuit Course II.

Discovered another gem from Rammstein last night:

Old-ass Pink Floyd. Speaking of which, David Gilmour is releasing another “Pink Floyd” album and planning another tour. Look: Roger Waters wants nothing to do with PF anymore (except the Wall). Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright have passed on. With all due respect, David, two words: SOLO. CAREER.

I read a Rolling Stones article on the making of Dark Side of the Moon. David Gilmour said that he wanted to make an album where you could could sit back and listen. No dancing or anything like that; just laying back and appreciating the music. This isn’t from DSotM, but I think you could do that with some of Syd Barrett’s tracks:

THIS was five minutes? Rly?

And finally…because F**K ISIS/ISIL/whatever…

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