24 Days to Go: Throwback Thursday

Did the Circuit II and a half hour on the elliptical today.

I just got done making out the schedule for this last month. The run distances will steadily drop over the last few weeks. Next week will be my last heavy week at World Gym, then I will switch over to the exercise center here at my apartment complex. The workouts will have fewer routines and lighter weights, so I will save my strength and muscles for the Marine Corps Marathon.

The MCM. Can’t believe it’s October already.

This weekend is the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon, my last Sea of Faces event before the big day. This weekend I need to buy some New Balance running shoes and try to find some hydration stuff before the race. I’m thinking along the lines of a water belt and some small bottles of water mixed with some sort of salt/glucose solution so I don’t dehydrate or starve during the run. The MCM will start three hours than my usual Sunday run time.

Next Thursday, my Throwback Thursday posts will be my overdue recap of my Reno runs. It’s all I really have since I can’t work the scanner to put up whatever old pictures I have.

No word on my car in the shop. Dammit.

Video time!

You’ve seen the video a few thousand times, but do you really know the lyrics?

See above…

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