Week 22 Review: The Grand Tour, “Juice” and Nipples

Today was the big day: the twenty-mile run and my longest run before running the Marine corps Marathon in 28 days.

I called this course “The NAS Patuxent River Grand Tour because it covered most of the major roadways and running routes on the base. I started from Abberley Crest Apartments, ran from Willow Rd to HWY-245, which goes up to Gate 2, then took HWY 246 to Gate 1. From there I took a left onto Cuddihy Road, which was the start/finish point of the Bicycle portion of the base triathlon. From Cuddihy I ran to Tate Road and ran the usual ten-mile loop. When I got to the intersection of Cedar Point Road and Tate Road, the triathlon course requires you to take a right on Tate back to Cuddihy and the origin point;however, I just kep straight on Cedar Point and kept going until I got to Gate 2, then took a right onto the start of Cuddihy Rd. From there, it was back to Gate 1 and left back to 246, then back to Shangri-La/Willor Rd, then back home.

The good: I was running this at a faster pace then when I ran the 18 miler earlier this month. For example, when I hit the Test Pilot School runway, I had to stop for morning colors. I was about a mile further down the road when colors sounded today.

The bad: I chugged water all day Saturday, but didn’t get my Saturday night cargo dinner. I also didn’t get a chance to pick up some Quench gum and some energy gel packs, due to my overheated car. I was at 4’00 when I made the final turn onto Willow Road, but my thighs screamed “NO MORE” just as I reached the parking lot of Lexington Park Baptist Church. The final mile and change was a struggle between jogging and power walking, costing me about 10 minutes. I chalk this up to running out of fuel and water, which led to my thighs tightening up at the end.

Also, for the second straight week, my right nipple chafed up. I discussed this with a Marine buddy, Dave Lauck, and he suggested putting on two tech shirts or nipple pads. Is this a weather thing? I have not had this problem since i started running in April.

I finished the run in 4’26”. I did the 18 miler at 4’37’. Progress!

Today’s run will be the last long one for my current shoes (Brooks Ravennas). They’re starting to wear down at the heels, especially the right heel. Another shopping run at Brooks.

The road ahead: next week is my last double digit run on my training schedule. I would like to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half marathon next Sunday, pending availability of funds, lodging, and anything resembling a functional automobile. I would like to run one more “Sea of Faces” before the MCM. Failing the Woodrow Wilson, it’s probably another jaunt around Pax River.

This will also be my last week at the gym…or maybe I’ll do one more week next week. I need something to help drop some pounds before the big day; a lighter Brandon should be a faster Brandon. I also need to keep losing the spate tire. BTW, I lost five pounds this week, and 8 overall for the month. Yaaay, ME!

Last thought: Heinz 57. baby back ribs. Crock Pot. YYEEESS!!!

This weekend sponsored by “Angel Dust” by Faith No More:

This was already out as a single, but I discovered the entire album when a friend brought it while we were deployed on the USS Belleau Wood:

Nice, happily climaxing tune:

FNM did two really well-done covers; this one ends “Angel Dust”:

And a short but sweet Commodores cover for the dismount:

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