Week 21 in Review: Before That Last Hill…

Quick thoughts on my 10 mile Patuxent River base run…

1) 4 mi. = 52″. 6 mi. = 1’16”; 9 mi. = 1’54”; finish at 2’07”.

2) Lot more Navy Police cars out than I have ever seen on these runs. Good thing that there are Portajohns and other restrooms on the course; I don’t think getting cited for public urination is something I need right now.

3) Despite my left leg feeling sore, I felt a second wind at the mile 7 mark.

4) My lame excuse for starting the run 45 minutes late was that it was still dark out. I forgot that there are more than a few well lit areas (street lamps, buildings, parking lots) on the first four miles of the course.

Last week I did the SuperWillow Six on Wednesday and Friday to make up for my aborted run from the week prior. Unfortunately, I missed the Circuit II/fartlek session on Thursday, so it will be another make up week for me. Next Sunday will be the Pax River Grand Tour 20-miler. I will start this week with the 45 minute fartlek make up session tomorrow, then an hour in the gym on Tuesday to make up for last Thursday’s no-show. Wednesday will be the run from Abberley Crest to the Base Gate 1, another gym/fartlek session on Thursday, then the Cuddihy to Tate four miler on Friday. My car’s defroster/defogger has been a little bitch lately (among other things), so I may just switch that to a Willow/Shangri-La/SMH21 run.

A quick word about my diet: On Wednesday I had to buy some food for a business meeting that my boss had with one of the F/A-18 sub vendors. I bought two Hormel Part trays, one with hard salami and pepperoni and the other with honey ham and turkey. I bought food for five people and only three showed up, so I had about two days of food to get rid of. Guess what was for lunch and dinner the next two-plus days?

Not so good for the weight (down a pound from last week) but helped out the blood sugar though (averaging about 90 on each blood draw).

The weather was nice and cool, but the skies turned gunmetal gray near the end. I want to make some Korean BBQ short ribs today; not a good sign.

Today’s videos: I don’t have a TV anymore, but I do have a 21 year old boom box that still plays CDs; I just stick in some relaxing CDs on disc repeat and I’m good.

Here’s one playing right now (these guys look like the Thompson Twins’ younger brother):

When I was stationed in Japan, Armed Forces Network would always play this song as the bumper music going into the 2:00 p.m. hour:

I have had this old band from the 80s on YouTube all weekend:

…this one too:

…and a 70s classic for the dismount:

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