Week 20: A Healthy Run to Sheetz

Today’s long run was the run to the Sheetz station at the intersection of HWY-5 and Great Mills Road. My car odometer says it’s an eight mile run, but my pedometer said 7.21 at the end of the run. I ran it in 1’37”, shaving (I think) eight minutes of the time when I ran it at the end of July. However, that was the morning I screwed up my stopwatch so you can take that with a grain of salt.

I gained back four pounds from last week. That’s what happens when you spend Monday through Wednesday eating Ricky Bobby Chicken from Mission BBQ and alternating with leftover ribs (rib meat) from Sunday.

Speaking of ribs (probably the only reason why I this weekend existed, besides the Sunday run)…my teriyaki ribs came out a little better than expected. Putting in the soy sauce/wasabi mixture was probably not a good idea, because I needed two cups of sugar and a two more handfuls of cinnamon sugar (God bless McCormick spices) to offset the strong taste.

The ribs came out jet black, due to the teriyaki sauce they had been simmering in. Once again, the meat slid right off the bone as i tried grabbing the ribs with my tongs. The teriyaki flavor was pretty good, and the meat was tender and juicy. I finished off the lunch with some leftover deviled egg potato salad and a couple small tubs of Chobani black cherry Greek yogurt.

Next week is the NAS Pax River ten mile base run, and then the twenty-miler after that. The Marine Corps Marathon is in six weeks. My how time flies.

Teriyaki rib meat. AKIRA. HAI!!!

Yes, I did that song for an earlier post. Here’s another one…

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