SuperWillow: Superbad!

Yesterday morning, I ran the SuperWillow six mile course. It was originally supposed to be a five mile run; however, due to my overfed performance from Wednesday where I had to cut that day’s five miler short, I added on the extra mileage to compensate. Note to self: full meals at 10p.m. translate into sloppy runs the next day at 5 a.m.

The run turned out to be the best I’ve ever felt during my short run sessions. The SuperWillow statures out with me running to the Willow Road-HWY 5 junction and back to the Abberly Crest/Willow Road junction. That course is a 3.1 run with some moderate climbs on the back half. From the AC/WR junction, it’s the regular Willow to Shangri-La course that I usually run. I had caught my second wind on the way back home; by the time I had finished on the final uphill to end the run, I honestly felt that I could have run a couple more miles. Perhaps I am finally getting the hang of this long-distance running thing?

This morning, I went to the gym for my last workout of the week. I’m not sure how much gym time I will be putting in past September; maybe a couple of weeks before the Marine Corps Marathon I will call time on the circuit courses. In the last week I have had to modify my routine; I switched squats from free to rack-assisted because of the strain on my knees (especially my left one). I also had to drop the shoulder bar entirely because of the strain on my right elbow. I’m getting too close now to have to try to run hurt or injure myself.

Stretching before my gym workouts has also lessened the occasional numbness/tingling in my left arm, so that’s good. I can also do without the potential neurological damage as I head into the final month-plus of my training. I’m not too sure about the weight this week; I spent until Wednesday eating my leftover Carolina style ribs, as well as the Ricky Bobby Chicken from Mission BBQ. The last three days, I have tried to drink at least two 20-oz bottles of water after every meal.

Speaking of ribs, I am firing up the Crock Pot for another round of ribs (or pulled pork, if last week’s results mean anything). This week I plan to cook my rack of baby back ribs in two different brands of teriyaki sauce, plus the traditional sushi sauce of wasabi (Japanese horseradish sauce) mixed with soy sauce. One teriyaki sauce is the traditional Kikkoman’s sauce, and the other is a brand called Soy Vey. The Soy Vey has ingredients like ginger, sesame seeds, and garlic added to the mix. The part I am interested in is how to balance how much wasabi to use when I mix it with the soy sauce. I plan to put the wasabi and soy sauce together in a blender. After tasting the mixture and adding to it as needed, I plan to add one bottle of Kikkoman’s to my bottle of Soy Vey and put them in the blender as well. After that everything in the blender goes into the Crock Pot, them I add my ribs. I will try coking them on the fast/4-hr setting this week and see what happens. I am just bobbing with anticipation to see how this will all turn out.

I felt this way on the turn around from Shangri-La:

My favorite James Brown jam:

From the “Doctor Detroit” movie soundtrack:

…aaand the best thing from “Rocky IV” for the dismount:

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