Potbelly/Hooptie/Judas Priest

I got home at 10:00 p.m. last night and finished off the rib meat from Sunday with some helpings of deviled egg potato salad. Bad move for getting up at 0430 for a five mile run at 0500.

Too bloated, too sore, whatever…by the time I was halfway to the corner of Shangri-La and Great Mills Road, I was already set on chucking the planned run to NAS Pax River Gate 1 and back (5 miles, by my odometer) and just going on a short Willow to Shangri-La loop.

Once again…never run on an overfilled stomach.

Now my next three short runs over the next two weeks will be six milers. They will either be Willow Road Super Sixers (combining both Willow Road Loops) or the NAS 10K courses (Beach House or Buse/Tate/Shaw Out and Back). Driving back home in a foggy car after 0600 doesn’t sound so hot, so I may end up doing Super Sixers for the next three runs.

Speaking of the car…sometime in the last three days, something hit my windshield. When I got in my car to go to lunch, I peered at the right side of my windshield and saw a six-inch crack.

Last straw: broken. After the New year, I’m shopping for a new car.

Frankly the car is falling apart as I speak. The A/C is intermittent, so is the turn signal lever, the latch in the driver’s side door is broken, the fuel light is burnt out, and I think I’m either out of radiator fluid or the radiator is busted because my car is running hot as hell (pinging the H in the car temp gauge).

Video time!

Heard this on the radio last night:

Hey, why not? Judas Priest at the hump day!

My favorite Priest song…

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