Recovery Monday Rants: No Fun League Edition

The NFL season is underway, and The League is a good as target as any for re-starting these Monday rants.

1) Ray Rice getting cut by the Baltimore Ravens for a new video from TMZ, showing him beating his wife? Duh. NFL players have been involved in the DEATHS of their fellow human beings, but a videotape showing a star running back beating his wife then dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator caveman style gets you only a two game suspension?

2) TMZ = “The Lives of Others” = The Ministry of Love from the novel 1984. Amirite?

3) Hundreds of players lost their jobs last week as teams cut their rosters down to 53 players, but for the last week all we heard about was Michael Sam. Look folks…two men f**king is not a civil rights movement, mmkay?

4) Speaking of civil rights, enough already with the Washington Redskins nickname. You want to help the surviving Native Americans? Help clean up and improve on the absolute squalor that most of their reservations are in. Help them get better education and better access to jobs and a better life outside the education. Do something that lets them know that they are AMERICAN CITIZENS and let them know they are as much a part of America as anyone. Do something that will make a substantial difference in their lives. How many schools and colleges have dropped their “Indian” nicknames and/or logo, and how has the overall Native American population benefitted from it? Dropping “Redskins” is not passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

5) Can we stop with the Thursday night games, and all the talk of eighteen game regular seasons and teams in London,England? The NFL is getting ready to shell out billions over concussions and the health of retired players, and they want MORE opportunities at getting players seriously hurt? Maybe after a few players are carted off on stretchers to the nearest ICU/neurology ward (probable paralysis) on Thursday nights, we’ll re-think the idea that we need NFL live games every night of the week? And are there enough players to fill the ranks of teams when teams get flooded with injuries during the expanded season? Do we not have enough match ups between two losing teams near the butt end of the current 16 game schedule?

6) Dammit, Chicago Bears…how do we lose at home to the Buffalo Bills, doormat of the AFC East, a team quarterbacked by E.J. Manuel-a QB only one season away from the end of his NFL career?

7) Chicago Sports yesterday: Aside from the Bears filling their collective diapers at Soldier Field…the Chicago Sky got chased of the floor in Phoenix in Game One of the WNBA Finals, both Major League Baseball teams in Chicago lost, and my beloved Fire of Major League Soccer lost 2-1 at New England.

8) Sad Chicago Fire fact: The Fire have tied 14 of their 26 matches. Of those 14, two scoreless draws plus eight matches where they gave up the tying goal. In a league where you get three points for a win, that’s 28 points down the drain. If the Fire take care of business in five of this matches and get a goal in the two draws, and they’re in the playoffs. Dammit.

9) Ricky Bobby Chicken from Mission BBQ: three drumsticks and three thighs for $7.99. Yummy.

10) My fantasy football tema won last night. Yay! Running backs DO matter!

Enough for tonight, back to the gym tomorrow.

No more videos tonight. Sorry.

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