Notes on a Fast

I got up at 0430 for my Circuit Course II/fartlek session. Made it to the gym at just after 0500. After putting on the weights for my first set, I started sneezing, three times in a row. “Okay, you’re sick; let’s not give Captain Trips to the whole gym.” Home I went, postponing the session until after work.

Today’s lesson: World Gym gets real busy around 7:00 at night. I had to switch a couple of machines/routines because someone was on the one I wanted to use. Fortunately World Gym has plenty of machines and benches where I can substitute if I don’t feel like waiting. After cranking out the workout, I hit the parking lot form my fartlek.

I am in the homestretch of a three-day Shakeology fast. I have been overdue for one in light of my performance and my diet at Reno and the week after, and I needed to kick-start my weight loss program. I haven’t hit the scales since Sunday night, after the Larry Noel Run (241 lbs.) so I will be interested to see what I end up at, after tomorrow’s four-miler.

My diet for the last three days: 16 oz of coffee, then a 20-0z Shakeology for breakfast and at least 1 20-oz water, then another 20-oz Shakeology for lunch and nothing but water for the rest of the day.

For my last two months of training, I plan to add a yoga class (Fridays at 5:00 p.m.), and maybe a Bodyflow class (Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.). I plan on decreasing the weights in October, and I need something to help me get a smidgen more flexible and stretched out.

Tomorrow or Saturday, I plan on shopping for a Crock-Pot and a rack of baby-back ribs. I have been jonesing for making some homemade ribs for a while now, and celebrating the end of an eighteen mile run (or comfort food after screwing up another run) will be a good way to cap off this week.

Shopping list:

1 rack baby-back ribs
1 Crock-pot or other pressure cooker
1 Camel-Bak backpack (very basic, Mark 1 Mod 0)
3-4 Energy gels

The National Football League season is underway as I type this. I would love to go to Buffalo Wild Wings or somewhere and try to catch the bears season opener; however, I doubt I will have the get-up-and-go to make any kind of drive. Sooo…it looks like home-cooked ribs and streaming the game on my iMac.

Fantasy football is also underway tonight. Four our draft this year, I came to the draft 2 minutes late (and two rounds had already passed!). Since we were all drafting via our individual laptops, I had to setup mine…and ended up waiting 20 minutes for a Windows update. By the time I was set up, the draft was already 2/3 done. Most of my picks were just pulling stuff out of may ass. Fortunately, the computer did a decent job of auto-picking my stuff for me; my projected team record will be 9-5, with a 107.5 points per game average. However, we did an auto-draft last year, and I finished dead last despite having two veteran Super Bowl winning QBs (Tom Brady and Ben Rothleisberger) on my roster.

My 2004 Kia Spectra is 26 miles short of 150K miles…I will probably hit the magic milestone on my way home from work, somewhere in Great Mills or Lexington Park, MD. Why can’t these milestones happen during some epic road trip or a journey somewhere?

Okay, shower and laundry time…see ya!

I post this video in support of the Washington Redskins keeping their team name. You want to help the Native Americans? Help them with their actual quality of life; make their reservations more livable and less desert ghetto. Help them quit a substance dependency. Get them an education that helps them get a job where they can take care of their families. Changing the name won’t do shit, leave Dan Snyder alone.

I’m not a Vikings fan, but seriously…how are they NOT rocking Amon Amarth at home games?

…aaand a mashup, because, why not?

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