Back In The Saddle

It’s been a rough two weeks. When I was on vacation in Reno, I did my workouts and had a little too much to eat. On the Sunday run after I came back, I ran out of gas midway through the second lap of a fifteen mile trail loop on St Mary’s River Trail. I wasn’t happy when I got on the scale later that Sunday, and spent the week before Labor Day being comfortably numb. I got in my runs, but skipped the trips to the gym.

Upon further review, I needed that 10-miler at the Larry Noel 15K to be a grinder; I needed to remember that there would be no short cuts or easy ways to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Every hill I took was a reminder that I needed to work at getting better; every old man or woman who passed me reminded me that the race is more about winning over myself than picking a fight with some other guy.

I am working on getting back in the groover for the MCM, now that it’s less than sixty days away. On Labor Day, I used my recovery day to run the 45-minute fartlek that I skipped last Thursday. This morning, I burned through a solid hour workout on Circuit Course II to make up for one of the two days I skipped last week. Today I focused on lighter weights for each set so I could perform and not risk doing any damage.

I am also going to try to get back to posting on a regular basis. I lost focus on during the last two weeks and now i need to get it back.

This month is going to be a long, hard one. I hit eighteen miles this Sunday, followed up by an eight and a ten miler the next two weeks before ending September with a twenty-miler, the longest run I will do before the MCM. For these longer runs, I plan on trying to carry a Camel-bak water backpack and some of those energy gel packs. I figure I can go at least twelve miles if I hydrate and eat right the night before a run, and I will probably need the extra fuel to boost me through the rest of the run.

Tomorrow it’s back to the basics with the Willow-Shangri-La four miler (SMH-21). The area has been built up since I last ran it, but I found a better landmark to hilt the turnaround point.

Oh, btw…for my dietary sins the last two weeks, I’m doing the Shakeology fast today through Thursday. When I break my fast on Friday I must concentrate on eating lighter meals so I don’t gain back so much of the weight. Let’s see what happens.

No videos for a while, so let’s start with some Aerosmith…

Heard this one on the drive home from school…

This Pink Floyd song always lights my afterburners…

Street Fighter/Tekken meets TRANSFORMERS!!!

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