Bummed out, got the blahs and the blues

One year, during his Mr Olympia period of dominance, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo had been starting a session at the gym. After a set or two, the both said “Ahh, screw it, let’s split.” Word had spread like wildfire through the local weightlifting community: two legends of bodybuilding quitting a session? Arnold explained later “We just had no pump; there was no point working out.”

In the aftermath of his apartment being blown up, during the early moments of “Fight Club,” Edward Norton’s character says, “When I got frustrated or angry, i’d always go home and clean my apartment.”

Long story short: the 16 miler on Sunday was a mess. I ran out of gas at mile 12, managed to get lost about a half-mile from the finish, and when I stepped on the scale after the run, I was only one pound lighter than last week.

Today I woke up on time, but blew off going to the gym for Circuit Course I. I was supposed to go straight after work. I screwed up my fantasy football draft when I showed up two minutes late, and my laptop took 20 minutes to download Windows updates. After work, the drive home was shitty, and by the time I got home, I was like…never mind.

So, today, I’m going to just stay home and clean house. Tomorrow morning marks 60 days before the Marine Corps Marathon, so I will get up tomorrow morning and light the pilot light of motivation once more.

Tonight though? Pffft.

(oh, yes…I do plan to make up this blog entries for my Reno trip and the St Mary’s River Trail [Sunday’s run] in due course)

I tried to find the original Ozzy Osbourne song, but I couldn’t find it, so here’s the Beatles:

As long as as we’re talking about Beatles and the blues [btw: NOT suicidal, just tired…and slightly frustrated! 😉 ]

…aaand The Police for the dismount:

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