Late day at the Gym

For the second straight day, I slept in and postponed my workout. Today, it was back to World Gym for Circuit Course I and a half hour on the elliptical.

I got up on time, and at the moment I was supposed to hit the road, I had to get rid of last night’s dinner (okay, you want a better way of saying I had to take a dump?). Since the second bathroom in my apartment is where I keep my reading material, it was 0515 before I got off the pot. I needed to be at work at 0700 because I wanted to leave early fro my friend’s retirement party, and my workout was now going to be done at 0630-ish, sooo…ZZZZZ.

I broke my training at the party (but the shrimp rolls and shrimp dip were worth it!), and left at 1700 (5 p.m.) After messing around with the computer and Facebook, I didn’t get to the gym until just after 6:45 p.m. The gym was busy, but I only had one delay, on my last set of abdominal and ab twists; even then it wasn’t that much. There were also enough empty elliptical machines where I could get one and do my workout.

Got done with the workout at 7:50 and did my blood test about an hour later: 100. Good times. Scarfed down a Smart Ones Pot Roast and veggies dinner and now I’m good for tomorrow’s run…looks like a Gym to the Runway four miler. Starting at the Drill Hall Gym at NAS Pax River, run to the 2 mile marker, and run back. Fairly flat with some slight elevation.

I am still thinking about the logistics for the Sunday run. It’s a 45 minute drive to Waldorf, where Indian head Trail is located. Driving back home after a 12 mile run is not an option (remember Patapsco?); I will need to eat, but I’m not sure I want to visit Denny’s in a fully sweated running attire. The best thing to do would be to get a nice, cheap hotel the night before, get up at 0430 and do the run, VERY short drive to the hotel for a shower and a soda, then breakfast. Check out of the hotel and make the drive back. We’ll see. TraiLink usually lists nearby hotels for every trail that you want to run.

The blood sugar has gotten better (not out of the woods yet, tho’), but that scale’s not gonna look good on Sunday…not after this week.

TBT. I like how the old 45 rpm sounded in this video:

Rolling Stones deep track:

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