Rock Bottom

AS I woke up this morning, I owe the State of Maryland $475, meaning I need to go pick a fight with H&R Block because their tax program said MD owed me $195. I’m behind in some of my bills, and my 10-year old Kia Spectra just had it’s air conditioning quit on me…in midsummer. I’m due for a vacation in two weeks, but I’m barely going to make it.

On the training front, I missed my weight loss goal by one pound on Sunday and I’ve been going backward ever since. I had a luncheon today, and I’m going to a party tomorrow, for a friend at work who is retiring. the luncheon was at Golden Corral. The party will be at the local VFW chapter, complete with food and drinks. This weekend I will be working at the Southern Maryland Brew and BBQ, where there will be a BBQ competition (Like you see on Food Network) and plenty of barbecued meats and lots of beer to wash it down.

Training is pretty much getting broken this week, gang.

Today sucked. With all that on my mind, I got up at 0430, took too long in the bathroom, and decided, “F**k it, I’ll run later on today. Not really feeling it right now anyway.” And so, after a meal at Golden Corral and some junk food I should have skipped on, I ran my MAD PFT 3-miler with a belly more full than it should have been. Thank God I didn’t time it today.

But the Skin-so-Soft is still working…a little victory.

On a more positive note, a supervisor at work, who knows I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon, recommended me a running trail up in Waldorf, MD. It’s the Indian Head Rail Trail ( According to my supo and the pictures, it is a nice 13.4 mile stretch of asphalt trail suited for hiking, biking, walking, and running. I checked out the site on the Internet. Good news is that it would be perfect my my longer runs this month. Bad news is, next Monday half of the trail is being closed for renovations until next spring. I scheduled the half soon to be closed for my 12-mile run this Sunday.

I also registered at (, partly because I had to register to see the course map. It’s a thirteen mile stretch of asphalt in lovely Maryland forest. After checking out Indian head, I did a search of the website to see if there were any other good running trails in the area. Sadly, I only found two trails, only one of which was within reasonable (10-15 min.) driving distance. The closest one is St. Mary’s River State Park. It’s about 3 mi. north of Great Mills (the general area where I live), and is a 7.5 mile loop around St. Mary’s lake. The site reviews, however, suggest an early morning run on a dry day; also, don’t forget the bug juice.

The more distant one is in Dahlgren, VA…and it’s a private trail, requiring a permit to use it. It’s 15.7 miles, and it looks like a nice flat trail…but an hour drive to VA? And I need a permit? Pushing it a bit, are we not?

Okay, enough for tonight. Blood draw, then dinner, then the gym and elliptical in the morning.

I was going to post this on my Monday rant (whatever happened to those?) because it was so much LOLZ!!!

LeBron going back to the Cavaliers means no more playoff/championship rants from Dan LeBatard (Miami sports radio host/ESPN’s “Highly Questionable”):

…aaand some Journey for the dismount:

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