Week in Review: backwards, march…

For the last four years, I would make midnight runs to the Sheetz gas station/convenience mart to get junk food. Today, I made that midnight drive as my eight mile run course.

I took my stopwatch with me because I wanted to check my fourteen minute mile pace. I blew that out of the water at the 1.5 (approx.) mark when I pressed the lap button instead of the light button. After messing with the buttons for a minute, I decided to chuck the pace-timing; I had no real idea of the mile markers anyway. I finished the run approximately 1:45′.

Half hour after the run, I stepped on the scale; I gained two ponds. WTF?

But at least my blood sugar’s (almost) back to normal).

Went for my Smart Ones Ham and Egg Scramble and when I opened the box, I found that the plastic cover for the food tray was already opened. Not willing to take a chance on food poisoning, I tossed it.

The run was good, but everything since then has gone south.

Screw it, I’m going out for breakfast this morning.

A belated tribute to the late James Garner:

…aaand some more Mike Post for your Sunday listening…

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