National Hot Dog Day (maybe?)

Today I went back to old reliable Willow-Road/Shangri-La for three nice and nearly flat miles. It was a lot darker than I expected for the morning run, and I didn’t see the sun until I was at the 2 1/4 mile point (going up the hill towards the turn-around point). yesterday I went and fleshed out my schedule for next month as well.

This week I considered another Shakeology fast, considering how much I broke training last week. I reconsidered and made a pledge to just start drinking more water after every meal. I am trying for six 20 oz. bottles of water per day, or two bottles after every meal.

Having said that, today is National Hot Dog Day. I am considering breaking training (again???) to go buy a couple of hot dogs from Wawa or Sheetz, a couple of gas station/convenience store chains here in Maryland. We’ll see what happens with the blood sugar count.

Work has stabilized, I am getting some things done as Adjutant of my Marine Corps League chapter. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat pissed at H&R Block. I purchased one of their tax prep CDs to save about $250 for doing taxes. My MD state rerun said I was due a refund of $150. Unfortunately, the state sent me a letter saying I OWE $475? Dafuck??? Time for a visit to the local H&R Black branch this week to see WTF.

Today’s video: Bee Gees, because…ehh, why not?

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