The Return of the Recovery Monday Rant

I wasn’t even gonna post a Monday rant, but I JUST saw this on Facebook and had to comment.


I saw a fb post with a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton back in their late 60s garb. The caption said something about how two former hippies became President of the Unites States and Secretary of State.

Wonderful; America gave two terms to a serial liar and a philanderer who would have been the ultimate sexual harassment trial. Hillary Clinton? Reset button and Benghazi. Nuff said.

A friend of fb posted a picture that says “Think Hippie Thoughts.”


World Peace: The Russians (or their buddies) shot down an airliner over Ukraine last Friday, and Israel is going after Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Sustainability: Wind farms with windmills catching fire and killing bald eagles.

Spirituality: Atheists calling their lawyers every time they see a crucifix.

Transformation: Making a big mess even bigger (see: Obamacare).

Organic Living: Veggie burgers taste like ASS.

Consciousness: Navel-gazing instead of facing your problems.

Mind expansion: Yeah, let’s legalize more drugs.

Expression:…unless it’s a view you don’t agree with (White liberals up in arms over black former Sec’y of State Condi Rice speaking at a commencement).

Acceptance: See above.Also means putting up with gay rights and illegal immigrants even though you think they’re wrong.

Exploration. NASA our space program is now focused on Muslim outreach. Like it’s stopped Muslims worldwide from being violent (see: Benghazi, Boko Haram, rockets from Gaza).

Appreciation: Pass.

Music: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and little to no music on Music Television (MTV).

Poetry: See music.

Love. I call bullshit on that last one. The people who used to be hippies have become the very people they used to protest against, and they’re even bigger assholes about it, if that’s even possible.

To hell with the hippies and their “hippie thoughts”. I wouldn’t trust them to run a Keurig machine.

Rant over. Back to the gym tomorrow.

Degeneration X…sure, why not?

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