Carbo-loading, baby back ribs, and iPod/iTunes

Twelve hours from now, I will be on my way to Arbutus, MD to run in the Patapsco Summer 5K/10K/10 mile trail race. I will be running the 10-mile trail portion of it, for my Sunday long run as well as some time with the “sea of faces.”

I have spent the day doing laundry and cleaning out the refrigerator, meanwhile having a gradual “cargo-loading” with Smart Ones microwaveable meals. I had the ham/egg whites/cheese scramble for breakfast, the angel hair pasta with vegetables for lunch, and now I’ve got spaghetti with meat sauce finishing in the microwave as I write this. A couple of bowls of microwave velveeta and I’ll be all set for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have a 0500 reveille for a 0600 drive. It should take me about an hour and forty-five minutes for the drive, so I should be at the site in plenty of time for pre race preparations. After the race (noonish), I plan to check in to the Hampton Inn in Hanover, MD where I will get a celebratory lunch, try to stay awake watching the World Cup Final (my heart says Messi, but reality says Germany), then crash for the night. I see no sense in a two hour drive after a ten mile run.

Breakfast for the run will be a Shakeology shake and some Mio water, to be consumed during the drive.

Tonight I plan to finish a project a friend asked me to take on back in February: loading his iPod with music for working out. I haven’t had a chance to work on it because LIFE! and recovering from it; now that my schedule is a little more open, I want to wrap that up tonight. I will post some of those tunes for my Monday Recovery Rant.

While rolling through Facebook, I saw a recipe for slow-cooked baby back ribs. Right now I want to make an impulse buy of a slow cooker, two slabs of baby back or St Louis ribs, and a bottle of Heinz 57 (wait don’t I still have that bottle in the fridge somewhere?) and make my own. I also have a rotisserie machine ( a knock-off of the “Set-it-And Forget-It” brand seen on infomercials a few years ago) which I can try to grill up some ribs. Perhaps at month’s end, depending on what the scale and the blood sugar monitor monitor say, I can indulge?

I finally found out the title and artist of this song today:

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