Notes from a Shakeology Fast

Fast…cleanse…purge…whatevs. I prefer fast or purge because cleanse involves images of bowels, and…okay, TMI.

I am currently in the home stretch of a three day Shakeology fast; I undertook this fast as an emergency measure to get my blood sugar down from Earth orbit. After Day 1, I cut my blood sugar in half. Day 2 my two measurements were about the same. This afternoon on Day 3, I’m pretty close to normal. Not too worried about how much weight I’ve lost, since I may gain some of that back once I get back to my normal Healthy Choice and cold cereal diet. I may need to re-up my metformin dosage though; that’s going to be an awkward conversation with my doctor.

Whatever health benefits I may have gained, I traded them for being more worn out and more surly than usual. I spent most of the day cursing my current work situation and was barely interested in doing more than launching a few emails.

Today was Circuit course II and the fartlek. Near the end of my second set of exercises, I realized I had forgotten my stopwatch that I use to time my runs with. I briefly thought about postponing the fartlek, but then I made a command decision to just run laps around the parking lot of the shopping center that World Gym is located in. Three-quarters of a lap of running, one quarter jogging, four laps. I thought about five, but by lap four I was gassed. Clearly not enough fuel in the tank.

I went out and mapped out my run on Pax River for tomorrow, then mapped out two more runs for later in the month. I based both of them on runs that I used to take while I was still in uniform while stationed at Pax. One run will involve a steep slope down to start and a steep slope to climb near the end. Glutton for punishment, that’s me.

During the mapping of one of my runs, I stopped for “evening colors.” That’s when the bugle (or the base loudspeaker) plays “Retreat” at sunset on US armed forces installations. On the day that I retired, I wanted to go back on base and render my last active duty salute in uniform to “evening colors.” Maybe one day when I can fit in my cammies again…

Speaking of cammies, I thought of doing my summer vacation back at MCAS Yuma, where I spent the first half of my Marine career. Aside from seeing what Yuma has become in the time I have gone, I can do some good training at the base gym and run the old squadron PFT course. It was a pretty straightforward course, with a 1.5 mile loop that had a slope in front of what I call Squadron Row, where all the hangars of the AV-8B squadrons were.

Just checked my run schedule; when I vacay in August, I’ll be back in time for my August “sea of faces” run on the 31st.

Sounds like the heavens just opened up; hopefully it stops before the run tomorrow.

…aaand some music to fit the weather and my mood…

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