One Thing Right…

This month, I am taking my shorter runs to NAS Pax River, just to shake things up a bit. This morning, I ran a variant of the Marine Aviation Detachment’s 3 mile Physical Fitness Test course. It’s a very flat three mile course which starts and ends near the MAD’s headquarters sign. The highlight of the course is a three quarter mile loop that branches into the senior officers’ housing area. This is an area with homes dating back to the early history of Maryland, with lots of trees lining the path, and set in a nice wooded area.

Friday’s run will also be on base, centering mostly around Cedar Point Road on base. I need to do a drive by of the route so I can see if this is flat or has some slopes in it; I always ran on base while I was on active duty, but I never took this course. This weekend I will be going to the Patapsco Summer 5K/10K/10 mile race. It will be on a trail instead of my accustomed asphalt, and a longer stretch among the “sea of faces.” Looking at my training schedule, it seems there will be a few shake-ups and lots of new ground covered as I break the double-digits in my long runs.

When I finish the race on Sunday, I plan to check into a motel, watch the World Cup final, eat some whatever, and sleep the rest of the day. It’s a two-hour drive to the run site, and I’m not doing any two-hour drives after running ten miles.

Tomorrow morning is another session of Circuit Course 2, followed by a half-hour fartlek.

I am in serious need of a vacation as I write this. My diabetes has shot through the roof,my online biology class has fallen through the floor, and work seems to be a bigger pain in the ass as the days go by. IN regards to my diabetes, I am now on day two of a three day Shakeology cleanse as I try to corral my blood sugar. It’s two Shakeology shakes (Shakeology protein mix, 8 oz. ice cubes, 8 ox. skim milk, put in a blender and blend ’til smooth) a day and as much water as I can drink. We’ll see what happens.

Time for a video. Amazing at what comes to mind when I think of a song…

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