Week Ten Review: What does $200 get me?

This week’s long run was what I now call the “SuperWillow” six miler. It’s actually a combination of the two Willow Road three mile loops that I have been running, both conveniently situated outside my apartment complex. It starts with the Willow-HWY 5 loop, which is nearly all slopes alternating between upwards and downwards the whole three miles. At the midway point is also the starting point for Willow-Shangri-La; it starts on a downhill and is flat for most of the run up to the 2.4 (or 5.5 mile point for this run) mark where it goes up the hill I came down from at the start. The final 0.6 turnaround loop is the downslope from the hill that goes up to the final turnaround, then goes back up the hill for the finish.

Note to self: acquire and learn how to use MapMyRun so I can check out the course and elevations for my runs.

Tuesday was the “red-letter” day of my week; I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchased a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5s. I bought them because I needed more stability (serious overpronator to the heels w/flat feet). They’re okay so far, but the little “twinge” at the top of the arch on my right foot is back. That’s a trip to the doctor I amy have to take, unless it clears itself up (child, please). I also bought three “tech shorts”, some Cutter insect repellent, and a Body Glide anti-chafing lubricant for my inner thighs. I won’t see the end results of my $200 spree for another couple of months, but I feel good about my spending spree right now.

//glances at right foot

The local Dick’s in Lexington Park, MD had everything I needed, but it seems they weren’t kidding about the HELP NEEDED sign out in their front window. I spent more time looking for sales associates that actually shopping.

The gym work is doing okay, but I’m getting another twinge under my left armpit. Overtraining, or not balancing the weights when I lift? Also, I added two abs machines to my circuit course routines, but I may need to switch them to something more effective. Gotta lose that gut!

After my SuperWillow run, I clocked in at 247 lbs. Sadly, that was the height of my Independence Day weekend. I had to cancel festivities with friends because my diabetes was acting up this week. A fun weekend of Healthy Choice and Mio water, yaaay. Next week is my six month’s checkup with my endocrinologist, and this week I need to get my blood drawn for it. I’m considering a Shakeology fast this week to get my blood sugar under control.

Beating the Bridge: Okay, here’s the dope from the Marine corps Marathon website:

“Required Minimum Pace: All runners must maintain a 14 minute-per-mile pace to Beat the Bridge. A time cushion of two additional minutes-per-mile are afforded runners for the final 10K of the course after meeting the Beat the Bridge requirement.

Beat the Bridge: Runners must maintain the 14 minute-per-mile pace to reach the 14th Street Bridge and successfully “Beat the Bridge” just before mile marker 20. The 14th Street Bridge will reopen to vehicular traffic making it unavailable to runners after 1:15 p.m. Any runners unable to “Beat the Bridge” will be required to board the straggler buses and be driven to the event finish area.”

Time to start checking that out next week, especially for the long Sunday runs.

Speaking of Sunday, next week’s scheduled ten-miler will be the Patapsco Summer 10 mile trail race. Aside from getting used to running with a crowd of people (…across the sea of faces), but this will be a trail (off-road) run, which will be an interesting diversion from my normal running routine. The race starts at 0900 next Sunday, which means an 0600 drive for 0800 showtime. I have been not worth a damn after the Sunday runs, so I am just going to get a hotel and stay overnight Sunday, instead of risking a two hour drive home in Sunday Maryland traffic.

Note to self again: Don’t plan on doing ANYTHING BUT SLEEPING after next Sunday’s run; no school, no Marine Corps league stuff, NOTHING. Just check into the hotel and crash.

This has been the longest post I have done in a while. This has also been the first in a week. I have been faithfully training, making all of my gym trips and while having to postpone one run to the afternoon. That run, the Friday run, was postponed after seeing high winds and the threat of rain. I ended up running at 1830 that day, but the 80 degree weather was undercut by the winds and some partly cloudy skies. I am down to one summer class now, so the Tuesday/Thursday drives to LaPlata are done, but I still have extracurricular work to do.

Obtw: I finally broke down and purchased some Skin So Soft from Avon. I bought the original body lotion, as well as two variants on their Bug Guard line. I’m going to try each of them on my runs this week to see if the old Marine Corps legends about this stuff really are true.

Brace yourselves: Random videos are coming!

Did Courtney Love make hash of a Fleetwood Mac classic? Judge for yourself:

…and some tonic for the Mac fans who I probably pissed off:

Here was that bassist lady who was in the Hole video:

My favorite Mac song ever:

aaand Hole’s first single, because…yeah:

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