Recovery Monday Rant: Last Meal Letdown

Thursday, I wanted to celebrate the end of my Art Appreciation class with dinner at Hooters. What I wanted was some delicious steamed shrimp, sports on the tube, and some friendly Hooters girls. What I got: rubber shrimp with turds, one TV with Public F-n Broadcasting on it, and probably the most unfriendly Hooters Girls I have ever seen. I wasn’t expecting the Mustang Ranch, but damn ladies!

Sunday I decided to go to Joe’s Crab Shack in DC for s steam pot and Holland/Mexico in World Cup Soccer. I got rubbery lobster and shrimp and a cut on my left pointer finger from trying to open the lobster tail. It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, and the place was mostly empty. Maybe that should have been a warning about his this part of the franchise does food?

Today, on the last night before my diet begins, I go to Popeye’s Chicken…less than a half hour before closing. Fast food FAIL if you wanted some fried chicken. However, the butterfly shrimp platter could be fixed in three minutes (getting chicken would be a fifteen minute wait).

It took going to Popeye’s near closing time for me to get some decent seafood. yeah, that’s a sign.

Sooo…aside from my lunchtime shopping spree at Dick’s Sporting Goods tomorrow, I begin a month-long moratorium on fast food.

The rules:

Popeye’s, KFC, Subway (sorry, Jared), Wendy’s, McDonald’s (go on strike NOW, em-effers!), Chick-Fil-A (even though I also support traditional marriage), Five Guys, Burger King…off limits starting at midnight tonight.

Breakfast: cold cereal, Wawa’s oatmeal, Shakeology. Cook your own breakfasts on the weekends, no more Golden Corral, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, or Bob Evans.

Lunch and Dinner: Healthy Choice, Mio water or unsweet tea, bananas or grapefruit.

Snacks: almonds and Cheezit crackers. No more candy bars or other junk.

Mio-flavored water, unsweetened ice tea with lemon juice, skim milk with cereal. No more sodas.

Goal is to lose twelve pounds this month. To run faster (or better), I need to get lighter.

Oh, yeah…since I got off to a bad start with my biology class, I need to get a 90 or better the rest of the way to pass. Goal is to pass the class with at least a B.

The first two months of my training was getting back into the game…now it’s time to build a lean, clean running machine (yes, I just typed that).

Four months to the Marine Corps Marathon. Time for s#!t to get real.

Jumping Jack Flash…


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