Week 9 Review: Have a Cigar!

Completed a nine mile run…and apparently the WRONG one, after looking at my schedule. I was supposed to do the NAS Pax River Triathlon course (first 4.5 miles of the bike course), but did an extended Buse/Tate/Shaw route instead. However, I did get a nice view of the base fishing pier at the 4.5 mile turnaround point. Oh well.

Near the seven mile point, I felt a twinge in the arch of my foot. I was planning to buy some new shoes anyway, but for me that signaled that this was the last run I would be doing in this pair of shoes. I’m going to put some topical analgesic on it later and hope for the best in the meantime. I also think I need some thicker lubricant for my nether regions; the chafing was not as bad as it was last week, but it’s still there. Medicated Gold Bond, perhaps? 

Just got off the scales…two more pounds. Yay.

The running is coming along; I’m finishing every run, and now I’m focusing on maintaining a steady pace that can carry me through the Marathon. Probably this month is a good time to start trying to set a pace that will get me through the bridge at the Marine Corps Marathon. Long story short: you have to be able to make it to the 20 mile mark in a set time, so you have a shot a completing the MCM in five hours. If you don’t make it to the 20 mile in time, they have to pull you off the course.

Sooo…work was okay, school was s split down the middle (passed ART 1030 but screwed up PBL 115), and the Poker Run was a wash, so we had to reschedule it for the fall. But Team yankee qualified for the knockout round in the World Cup…’MERICA!!!

I am going to Joe’s Crab Shack for one last meal before diving into the training diet for the month of July. After today, I need to seriously cut down on a lot of junk. I also need to (finally) work some core/abs work into my circuit courses. I’m losing weight but I still look like I’m pregnant (especially when I do incline bicep curls…GUUHH!!!

Heard this one from the Dark Side of the Moon as I was driving away from the running course…

Whoops! The wasn’t from DSoTM…but here’s another one from that album (Wish You Were Here)…









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