Skankiness and Wretched Shrimp

College students are a pretty wretched (not “ratchet”) bunch these days. Tonight was the final night of the ART 1030 Art Appreciation summer course. Aside from the final exam, we had to turn in a design elements project. Now, I’m not going to lie…I started mine at 1800 last night and got the basics done at 0030. I did the touch ups and wrapped up my finished product literally twenty minutes before class. I put all of my design samples in a portfolio, stapled the “liner notes” to each sample, printed put and applied a title page to the portfolio cover…made it look as professional as possible. My eleventh hour project looked better than half the crap that was offered up as “final projects.” If I was been the class instructor, there would be a lot of F’s for some of those projects.

That’s not all; sometimes I look at some of my classmates and I hope to God they’re not sexually active. When I was a kid, black kids with nappy hair were open season for getting picked on; now, nappy hair and unkempt dreadlocks are worn like badges of honor. On top of that, I saw a woman on campus with “snake bite” piercings under her lips. Had her kid with her as well. Nice example you’re setting, Mom. Here’s hoping nappy college student and Mom with snakebites aren’t on EBT cards.

As for the rest of the females in the class…ladies, how many “tramp stamps” do you really need? What is it with the modern urge to have every visible body part tatted up? Are you TRYING to attract a suitable mate who will marry you and carry your children?

After class, I decided to “celebrate” (still have another class) with dinner. On a whim, I switched from Boston Market to Hooters. After six weeks of looking at swankiness, I wanted to check out some Hooters girls while I downed some steamed shrimp.

I should have gone to Boston Market. None of the waitresses on duty wanted to take my order. The steamed shrimp could have used some attention to de-veining (those aren’t blood vessels, they’re bowels. “Nuff said?). When I ordered key lime pie for desert, it was delivered…not by a Hooters girl…but by a bespectacled member of the kitchen staff. If she was a Hooters Girl, she was doing it undercover; no tank tops and orange silk shorts, just a dirty green polo and jeans). 

Hey, Hooters customers…when was the last time you went to Hooters and they had Public Television (PBS) on the flatscreen?

Could’ve done without the nasty bathroom either.

Every time I eat out, I try to leave at least a 15% tip. Tonight was the first time in decades that I willingly did NOT leave a tip.

What are we coming to? Even the Hooters Girls are going bad.

Willow to Shangri-La three miler in the morning. On payday I need to make a run to the local Dick’s Sporting Goods. I need to get some gear so can step up my training. Only four months to go.

TBT: Grahm Parker and how I feel about women:

…and two for flinching…

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