Got away with it (sort of)…

Up at 0345, got some water. Oh, I’ve got about 45 minutes.

Forgot to set the alarm last night.

Reveille was at 0507…almost 45 minutes later than scheduled. Rather that suck it up and get dressed and do the run anyway, I rescheduled it for 1800-1830 time frame.

Mistake. Psychologically it threw my whole day off. It took a whole two man hours and lots of driving around town (in 90 degree heat) to mail off an ad page for the Marine Corps League Convention. Blew my first exam for my online biology course. Didn’t get lunch until 1400. Oh and went to Wawa (gas station/food mart chain in MD) to get a couple of hot dogs for lunch, they only had one left. I asked one of the Wawa staff how soon they would get another batch. “Well, there is one left.” Yes, but I would like at least two, please, ma’am. “Well, they take about five to six minutes to make…” THEN GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND FUCKING MAKE THEM! YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY OR WHAT??? Fuck, first Hooters last night, now this? I swear, some people just don’t deserve to bitch about raising the minimum wage rates.

Anyway, my one fear about running in the late afternoons is the weather. It’s either going to be hovering around 90 and humid, or it’s gonna be a fast moving system that dumps rain on you mid aye through the run. I didn’t do a temperature check, but it was cloudy enough to cut down some of the heat; there was the slight threat of rain, but the heavens never opened up. Oh, and I guess that Repel Natural w/Lemon Hibiscus is working because the ‘skeeters and no-see-ums (who are usually at their peak) stayed away.

The running courses I have selected are not as flat as I thought they were. near the 2.4-2.6 mark of the Willow-Shangri-La run, there is a small hill. At the bottom of the hill, it gently slopes upward towards the final turnaround point, then slopes downward and back up the hill for the finish. I’m hoping this will pay off when I run the MCM in October.

The run is done, and I dodged a weather bullet; now I have to worry about the rest of the night (another assignment for biology…due by midnight tonight). Then I have the Marine Corps League Poker Run tomorrow, for most of the day.

Circuit course two at the gym tomorrow, then a nine-miler (Buse-Tate-Shaw flight line run) on Sunday. Note to self: need to lube your nether regions before the run because you’re chafing down there.

On a happier note, I discovered this “deep track” by The Who on the way home from work today. Who says FM radio is dying?

My right-wingnut ass actually discovered this song on the Daily Kos (one of the few useful things I’ve learned from liberals):


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