Recovery Monday Rant

First: I should never EVER plan on doing anything after my Sunday morning long runs. No studying, no MCL stuff…NOTHING.


Second: My thoughts on USA v. Portugal:

Third: I have just about had it with the ongoing car crash between professional sports and this misguided modern day quest for “social justice”. Yesterday I saw a blog post from Chicago radio sports host Dan Bernstein, as he whines about the Chicago Black Hawks changing their Indian Head logo. (

A few salient points that have been left unsaid:

1) If Dan Snyder decides to change the Reskins’ namesake, and the Black Hawks change their logo, what socioeconomic benefits do the surviving Native Americans receive? Will it lift them out of poverty? Will it get them better access to education and jobs? Will it enhance their cultural identity? Will it bring back any of the millions of Native Americans killed in the name of manifest destiny?

2) Why do we need government officials intervening in the Redskins’ name change? Do our Congressmen and Senators not have more pressing items in the legislative agenda, preferably those actually impacting ALL of her citizens? Does our President not have more pressing affairs of state that he can (and should) engage in?

3) Dan Bernstein plies his trade in Chicago, IL. The two Major League baseball teams are below .500 and neither is in pennant contention; the Bulls have the NBA draft this week, and the Black Hawks are on summer vacay, having relinquished the Stanley Cup to Los Angeles. The Bears don’t open training camp until late July. Does he have no other subject matter he can blog about?

I think Dan Snyder is one of the worst owners in pro sports, and yet I am quietly rooting for him to win his appeal to get the Redskins’ trademark back. As much as I think Donald Sterling is been worse than Snyder, I hope he wins his lawsuit against the NBA to get the Clippers back.

I also think sportswriters need to quit pretending that they are some kind of political/social activists (Peter King, Bob Costas) and just shut the hell up and stick to sports.

Done talking…back to the gym tomorrow.

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