Week 8 Review: Overcast Solstice

The summer solstice in my neck of the woods was greeted by overcast skies. I juts started raining as I wrapped up my run.

The Beach House + 2 course started out relatively flat for the first mile and a quarter. There was a downslope over the next quarter mile, which gradually sloped back up through the two mile point and leveling out at 2.25. Past the 3.1 point (turnaround for the 10K course) and through my 4 mile turnaround and back, there’s a nice flat stretch that traverses a bridge. After getting back to the beach House, I hit the wall. I had to grind out the downslopes curve and then back up the slope to the 6 mile mark. It was flat the rest of the way, and I made it back in just under 2 hours.

On the way out this morning, i met something I hadn’t dealt with since I started training: a headwind. I had to push through it for the first 3 1/2 miles of the run. Not that much tailwind on the way back, but I’m just glad the heavens didn’t open up on the run.

I got fitted for contacts this week because i got tired of having to deal with foggy glasses during my runs. However, I hadn’t worn them in a few years, so I wasted 20 minutes trying to put them in this morning. As a result, I was 25 minutes late getting out to the course. It’s kind of important because I’m on a schedule. I have Marine Corps League adjutant stuff to do, plus work for two classes: two labs and an exam for one class, and a project and a final exam for another. All that aside, I’m still going to watch the USA v. Portugal game later this afternoon.

Oops, out of time…I’m due for breakfast…

I learned on the radio this morning that Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler would occasionally borrow a blouse or a shirt from his actress daughter Liv. Okaaay…


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