One Legged Man/Ass Kicking Contest

I am a one legged man in the ass-kicking contest of life…and I’m waaaay behind the power curve.

The only thing that I am really getting done is the marathon training, and that’s mostly because the weather is well in to the 90s for temperatures, making 1700 runs a no-no. I also won’t have time to go to the gym in the afternoons because of school, work, and other priorities.

I am celebrating the summer solstice by cleaning house, working a design elements project for my arts appreciation class, catching up on some Marine Corps League admin stuff, and finally starting my online biology course at Southern Illinois University.

Keeping busy this weekend will help me keep my mind of my problems at work. Thursday, I found out that two of my co-workers were starting their leave on Friday (yesterday). While I don’t begrudge them their time off (fantastic work ethic, truly motivated, etc), it left me to cancel my Friday off. Based on the amount of emails I got, I think I was the only one working that day.

When I finish my breakfast, I need to go on base and map my eight-miler (beach house run) for tomorrow and find the four mile turn around point. Speaking of mapping the route, I use my car’s odometer to measure my course run distances. My odometer has tow separate odometers for trips. I used one for a mapping a route, and didn’t reset it. It’s up to 1100 miles. Man I am racking up the miles on that car.

Okay, post over…I got a busy day ahead.

Don’t ask:


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