Lunchtime Rant

So this is what we call The Lunchtime Rant…

I haven’t been blogging for a couple of days, but I HAVE been training. Knocket out Circuit Course 1 on Tuesday and the Willow-Shangri-La 3 this morning. There are two electric signs near the 1/2 mile point of my run. At 5:15 this morning, they both read in the neighborhood of 78-80 degrees. Yet another reminder that I HAVE to do my workouts early in the mornings. There is no way I am running any distance in 95-plus degree heat and 75% humidity.

I’m eating lunch as I type this (don’t ask what I’m eating). I went to Taco Bell for lunch, and I haven’t seen that place packed like that in weeks. When did ersatz Mexican food get so popular all of a sudden?

God help anybody trying to get drive through for lunch; must be nice to burn the gas and A/C.

I live and work in Lexington Park,MD, the home of the Naval Air Enterprise based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River. From 0630-0845, 1100-1330, and from 1530-17830, traffic is an absolute MADHOUSE. It doesn’t help that there are at leafs FIVE known speed trap hideouts between my apartment and my workplace. They’re not manned on a regular schedule, so people tend to drive in fear of the deputies and state troopers around here.

Work has been frustrating. School is about to turn into a mess; I have a final exam and a project due for ART 1030, plus two labs and another exam for PBL 115. I need to get caught up on my Marine Corps league Adjutant stuff.

I love Mio water enhancers. Five squirts into a 20-oz container, some ice, and I’m all chilled out.

I also love Chobani Greek yogurt, black cherry flavor. Yum.

Too chilled out to rant now. Oops, gotta go back to work. See ya.

Discovered this one last night on the drive home from school:


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