Across the Sea of Faces (Pt 1)

Shall we set out across the sea of faces?

Roger Waters, from “What Shall We Do Now?, Pink Floyd: The Wall

2330 Saturday: Return from working DC Breeze game. Do last minute research on Dawson’s Father’s Day 10K for Sunday. Race day registration is $20. Race is at Severna Park High School, up by Annapolis, MD.1 1/2 hour drive. Registration from 0630-0730 for a 0800 race. I need to be on the road by 0530 so I can register and do pre-race stuff.

0100 Sunday: Taps.

0500 Sunday: Reveille. Finish 20 oz of water from last night. Out the door at 0520.

0530. At Wawa’s for gas and medium steel-cut cinnamon/brown sugar oatmeal and 12 oz coffee. I also bring 20 oz water w/Mio Fit enhancer. Even a small oatmeal would have been too much, as I barely eat 1/4 of the bowl.

0701. Reach Severna Park HS. First stop is the portapotties to empty the 32 oz of Mio water and coffee in my bladder. Register for the race. Nice selection of vendors attending. Race is sponsored by Annapolis Striders and Fleet Feet Shoes. Running shoes are on sale. I see Brooks among the selections, and go into brain lock trying to remember models recommended by Broken Trojans on Facebook. Oh, well…too many bills this month anyway.

Apply body lotion to ashy limbs. Apply Repel Natural (no DEET) insect repellent to limbs and face. Mill about smartly, checking out the the diversity among the sea of faces. One last portapottie visit, and a last swig of water before the race. About eight minutes ’til start time, I head near the back of the pack; I tell myself I’m not running against ANYBODY today. Today is about getting used to running with a crowd of other people. I don’t have to beat anybody, I just need to get enough of a physical/mental push to finish. Today is also about setting a consistent pace; one day I will be running a race more than four times this length. (btw: today was supposed to be a five mile run, today’s is a 6.2)


0800-0915: It appears I underestimated/didn’t read into the race website’s description of the course being “Mostly flat out and back 10K.” The race’s first mile takes a slight downhill (which probably explains why I think I went out too fast). A quarter mile before the 3.1 mile turnaround, there’s a good climb up a hill that goes across a bridge. Of course, you do go back down the hill on the way back, and maybe you can get some momentum for the second half of the race. From the 5 to the 5.5 mile markers, the path does a slow and steady climb.  I burned out a lot of my last mile “kick” on this section; by the time I finally made the turn for home, I was just above a jog.

Final time: 1:13:22.

Three shirrs that stood out from the “sea of faces:”

1) Beat the Bridge 10K. No idea exactly where this is, but I saw it on a young lady’s shirt. (Note to self: Preparations need to include the Marine Corps Marathon’s “Beat the Bridge” requirement to successfully complete the marathon)

2) White House/Black Market. Hmmm…

3) That’s a lot of work for a free banana. I agree; that’s why my post race meal consisted of TWO free bananas, plus a cinnamon-raisin bagel with two teaspoons of peanut butter.

0945-1115: Drive home. No music; I spend the drive reflecting on the race, reminding myself to call Dad and Mom today, and mentally hashing pout this blog entry.

1155 Sunday: Finish blog entry. Power nap.

See y’all tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day!


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