Oversleeping this morning was not a good idea. I did my Circuit Course 2 at 4:10 this afternoon, and by the time I got done and cleaned up, I would be 45 minutes late to class tonight.

I got my Office 365 fixed last night. Guess what? I was supposed to only do 2 mile runs this week, and I got the days switched on my runs. Looks like I’ll be doing the Willow-HWY 5 3 miler tomorrow.

In other news, the World Cup is underway! With no Stanley Cup for the Black Hawks, the Bulls taking an early exit from the NBA Playoffs, Chicago baseball already doomed to last place for the summer, and even my beloved Chicago Fire in free fall, Team Yankee (US Men’s National Soccer Team) is all I have left.

In honor of the World Cup, my video selections are my pick of stadium jams for some of the teams in the World Cup.

Hulk Hogan loves Team Yankee!

For fans of “The Boss:”

…aaand something for all the trolls who come out every year bitching about wanting to replace the National Anthem…

I think this song should be England’s stadium song:

Speaking of Rammstein…

Finally, this would be an AWESOME stadium song for Japan…

The other twenty-eight countries? I’m open to suggestions…

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