Shoot Bill Gates (?)

…and now my Microsoft 365 University edition is crapping out on me; damn thing won’t take my password. And so it goes.

Just got done with the Willow Rd to Shangri-La 3. I’m hoping that’s the one I was scheduled for today; my training schedule is posted on a calendar from Microsoft Word…which I can’t open up right now…because I can’t get into Office 365.

The run started off slow and I didn’t really catch fire until the end. My thoughts: probably because I’m trying to run a marathon pace right now. I have to remember that for the 10K that I want to run this Sunday. The goals for Sunday are 1) to get used to running with people again and 2) to run a good marathon pace for 6.2 miles.

That being said, it’s time to start focusing my weekly runs on running a good, survivable marathon pace for the Marine Corps Marathon. There’s a certain time limit where you have to be at the 20 mile mark or you’re not allowed to finish the race. Not gonna happen; not on my watch.

I also think it’s time for new shoes; I can feel my right shoe start to lean to the left when I run. The shoes are getting worn down at the outsides of the heels, especially my right rear heel.

Enough for now…another long day awaits…

Been listening to this on my mix CD for the last two weeks…


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