Running: Good; Life: Not So Much

Right now the only thing I’m not in trouble in is my training routine. Everything else?

1) Ugly rashes on both my upper arms. Heat rash? Insect bites? Reaction to the DEET in my insect repellent (note: bought a new, natural, non-DEET repellent tonight)? Time to visit a dermatologist…

2) ART 1030 Midterms due Monday (and I’m behind in my class…)

3) Trying to take an online course at Southern Illinois University; had some technical issues she I tried to register and now I need a lifeline from my faculty advisor…

4) Two Marine Corps League events I’m supporting this months plus I have to start getting into gear as the new Adjutant/Paymaster…

6) Working a DC Breeze ultimate frisbee game next weekend.

7) One of my down stairs neighbors is having serious health/financial issues with himself and his wife. I help him out very now and then.

8) Father’s Day next week and I need to get him a gift.

9) Work continues to be a pain in the ass.

Waaay too much going on. June is going to be a rough month.

I saw this band (and got my picture taken with them) at today’s Southern Maryland Sun and Music Fest:


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