PT: The only thing I’m doing right

Four years ago, I was on the last stretch of my 22-year Marine Corps career, sweating out a supposed final weigh-in before my final check out with the Operations/Training Chief. Since I was retiring, the final weigh in never happened. 

Nearly four years after retiring, and six weeks into a six-month training regimen for the Marine Corps Marathon, it looks like the daily 0500 runs and trips to World Gym are the only good things  going on in my life. Everything else is a pain in the ass. Frustrated at work, overcommitted in my personal life, cell phone missing for a week…To paraphrase a quote from “Fight Club”, everything else outside of morning PT is becoming so much noise.

Tomorrow morning is the Willow Road-HWY 5 three miler. I will be thinking of my old friend Jeff Caldwell as I run tomorrow.

Tonight’s TBT video: an oldie but a goodie from the Egyptian Lover…


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