The Original Piano Man

For some strange reason, my chain of thought drifted towards a Billy Joel song. I went to my desk at work and listed all of the Billy Joel songs that I enjoy listening too (or at least, wouldn’t just flip the station if I heard it on the radio):

Piano Man

New York State of Mind

It’s My Life

Movin’ Out

Always a Woman

Tell Her About It



Downeaster Alexa

River of Dreams

You May Be Right

Sometimes a Fantasy

Still Rock n’ Roll To Me

Only the Good Die Young

A Matter of Trust

The Longest Time

Uptown Girl

Goodnight Saigon

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Just the Way You Are

1) This would make a real good “greatest hits” album

2) Somewhere there’s a dictionary, where the entry of “singer-songwriter” has a picture of him, playing a piano.

3) I’m a bigger “Billy Joel” fan than I ever thought I was.

That’s your Recovery Day rant for this week.

Haven’t heard this one in years…

Don’t get a lot of radio ply for this one…

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