A Beautiful Day…

Marathon training means never having to say “It’s such a beautiful day; I should be outside more!”

The 7.2 miler is done. Did the Pax River Beach House 10K (6.2 miles) plus an extra mile loop to make up for a too-short run last week, as well as paying of for missing the training run last Thursday. With that, Week Five and Month One of Zero to Marine Corps Marathon is in the books.

My first full month of training hasn’t been perfect; I’m not stretching as much as I should, my right knee is still a little tender near the start of my runs. I’m getting used to training six days a week again, alternating between running/fartleks and the gym. During my last few years in the Marine Corps, I would pull twice a day PT sessions, six days a week. Unfortunately, I stopped doing that nearly four years ago, and I’ve been paying the price. Now that I am back to a regular exercise routine I need to do two things: a much better diet and more stretching. I also need to start chugging some of that Shakeology that I have siting in my pantry shelf; I am just a lethargic lump after my workouts, and coffee with breakfast just isn’t cutting it.

I don’t know if it’s too early for this, but my training routine could use a shakeup. When I sketched out my schedule for June, I’m basically running the same routes every week (the Willow Road Routes). This is mostly dictated by time and location; it is directly outside my house and finishing them gives me enough time to recover and get ready for work. When I announced to my Marine Corps league brothers that I was running the Marine Corps Marathon, one of them suggested joining the Pax River Crossfit group to aid me in my training (specifically the weight-loss/belly trimming department). Lastly, there’s the matter of running some road races before the MCM so I can get used to running with a multitude of people again. I think that could make a huge psychological difference. My one planned race is a 5K, but my schedule requires a 5-miler that day. Hmmm…

Also, I need to hook up with an Avon lady for some Skin-So-Soft. The Repel brand insect lotion i am using is effective, but I don’t like the odor and I keep hearing bad things about using so much DEET (the insect repellent ingredient) on my body three days a week.

As for “Forty-Eight to Joe’s”…right now it’s a washout. Between my dashed vacay plans, the stress from my job, working the Blue Crabs, and just not having enough “pep” after the training took a toll on getting stuff done. I really wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack to watch Game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals (GO. BLACK. HHAAAWWKS!!!), but it’s a there hour drive round trip, with the return drive coming at maybe 10:30 at night.

That being said, today is a beautiful day. I am hoping that June will be a little drier, especially in the early mornings. The sunlight/false dawn is a little better than running in the darkness; however, I could do without running during the rain. Oh, that reminds me…

Two more things I really could use are 1) contact lenses, because I’m tired of having to adjust/clean off my glasses while I am running, and 2) new running shoes. I have consulted with friends at work and on Facebook and I have been recommended styles from Brooks and New Balance. Decisions, decisions.

One month down, five to go (it’s June already? really?)…hoping to get fitter, stronger, and faster next month.

Did I say it was a beautiful day?

(PS: I always post lyrics videos because, hey, who knows what the singers are really singing? And isn’t it nice to learn something once in a while?)

(PPS: No idea why my first couple of video hyperlinks put up videos while my other just linked to YouTube for the video.)

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