Thirty-Six To Joes

Circuit course 2: done. I am retiring the hack slide squats because they are too tough on my knees. Oh, and I banged my tender right knee as I got out of the car when I got home. Quality time with the Icy-Hot knee brace…yaaay.

Here’s my “Forty-Eight (now thirty-five hours) to Joe’s List”

Marine Corps League stuff:

  • Update email roster
  • Draft meeting minutes
  • Publish Meeting Minutes

Blue Crabs game:

  • Pick up SWAG table stuff
  • Call stadium for Color Guard and tickets

ART 1030

  • Email Professor Ivie
  • get current on all Study Guides thru next Tuesday

Allen’s iPod

  • Four “set lists”


Two videos today, for songs got me “fired up” for today’s circuit course:

An oldie from Pearl Jam:


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