Pain in the Ass (but not because of training)

Circuit course 2 (switching the hack squats for the plate loaded leg press) and fartlek course just gone done 10 minutes ago. Unfortunately, that’s as good as this day may get.

One of the things I was hoping for fell through at work yesterday, and I found out i have to take somebody’s place in a Marine Corps  League event this weekend because he went to the hospital. The guy’s in the hospital with (my guess) cellulitis in his leg. Hope he gets to keep it.

Anyway, worrying about my job and the other fellow has been frustrating since 1:00 yesterday afternoon. It’s not going to get any better because of the job situation and having to cover for the him. I was also planning on taking another “vacay” to work on some MCL and personal/professional stuff. That’s not happening, and it;s also another burr in my saddle.

Oh, and I have class tonight and I have to spend lunch working on my assignment for class because I blew it off last night.

Gonna be a long day…good thing i got my training out of the way. And it looks like it’s gonna rain again today.

I think I posted this Molly Hatchet song already, but I’m too tired/don’t have time to check right now…


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